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Often, roofing issues come up at the worst time and when other things are more important. If you know you can’t change the roof of your building but there is a leak that you have to make go away for good! Call your roofing contractor and tell him or her that you want the repair done with CanSeal fluid applied membrane! Basic cleaning of the leaking section, (dry as well) and apply the CanSeal membrane on the leak area. Later, when you want to do the whole roof, just clean the rest of the roof and apply the membrane!DONE!

Roofing can be a very disruptive undertaking on a large strata complex


  • Large trucks and garbage bins coming and going.
  • Open flame torches and the associated risks.
  • The best time of the year being ruined by all the destruction and noise.
  • Tear off and debris falling to owners' decks etc.
  • Roof open and exposed to the weather and the high risk of leaks


CanSeal fluid applied Roofing membrane goes directly over top of most roofing systems as an upgrade. With a little preparation and repairs, the old roof can be a new roof with the same life span or better than a completely new roof.

No tear off, no garbage, no open flames, no big trucks or garbage bins, fast installation time and…..NO RISK OF LEAKING. Call now to get a list of certified contractors in your area!


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