CanSeal Waterproofing is a durable rubberized coating that sprays on to concrete and masonry foundation walls and waterproofs its surface.


The Benefits of CanSeal Waterproofing:


  • Sprays on fast to get the job done quickly like a pro.
  • Sets instantly with no wasted product.
  • Incredible elasticity to stretch with any cracks or fissures caused by settling.
  • Fills gaps and pre-existing cracks instantly allowing the installer to move quickly through his application.
  • Completely waterproof, continuous membrane that keeps water out even in heavy hydrostatic situations.


To be a good waterproofing product it has to be impervious to water. Rubber is the best suited product for that. CanSeal Waterproofing is an instant set, rubber emulsion that forms an immediate barrier to water, adheres on contact and cures quickly. It stretches just like rubber, bridges gaps and cracks and fills voids where they exist.

Big jobs are done quickly and professionally and the results are simply outstanding!


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