Metal Coating

Metal Coating


CanSeal Metal Coating is a specifically formulated coating for applications over metal surfaces. Uses with Metal piping metal walls or other structures that require a good waterproofing membrane.


Frequently used on the exterior of metal and concrete pipes to prevent sweating and possible spalling (splitting or cracking) from freezing temperatures.


Metal roofs over time flex and move with the changing temperatures, this movement; although small have dramatic effects on the roof itself, eventually wearing down and cracking the seals under each metal screw. This is where leaking can occur. Also any protrusions or pipes that extend out of the roof can have their seals broken with the movement.  This movement and the constant rays of the sun can damage the protective coating on the metal itself.  When this starts to go, you see the rust begin.


CanSeal Metal Coating System:


  • Custom metal roof caulking gun perfectly seals each screw on the roof. (see the video to the right)
  • CanSeal Seam Tape seal vents, stacks, protrusions and gives reinforced protection! (See the video “CanSeal does metal roofs” to the right).
  • Asphalt and rubber composition stops rust and protects your roof, (also in the video).
  • Rubberized membrane that is flexible, impermeable and tear resistant.
  • No seams!
  • UV blocker prevents deterioration from sun.
  • Completely Odorless.
  • Non flammable.
  • Flexible Polymer capable of stretching to many times its size and recovering to its original dimension without blistering or cracking.
  • Water based sealant which is cost efficient and environmentally friendly, and is safe for the applicator.




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