CanSeal Mastic

Great to use for waterproofing vents, plumbing flashings, fissures, cracks and other water ingress locations. Can be used with a mesh style reinforcement material.

CanSeal Mastic is a water based asphalt emulsion that adheres extremely well to all types of roofing, concrete and masonry foundation walls.

There are two grades, Trowel grade and Brush grade. Trowel grade is perfect for filling cracks and voids in concrete and block foundations prior to coating with a water based dampproofer or waterproofing coat.

Brush grade works best for Roofing applications, for sealing cracks in membranes, flashings or bridging gaps that require waterproofing. It is commonly used with mesh fabric to reinforce and strengthen the area.


CanSeal Mastic Has Amazing Characteristics:


  • Sets quickly to seal the area covered.
  • Rubberized membrane that is flexible, impermeable and tear resistant.
  • Completely odourless.
  • Non flammable.
  • Flexible Polymer capable of stretching to many times its size and then recovering to its original dimensions without blistering or cracking.
  • Water based sealant which is cost efficient and environmentally friendly, and is safe for the applicator.
  • Perfect companion product to support the CanSeal Roofing, Dampproofing and Waterproofing membrane systems.


Product Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet CanSeal Brochure

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