There was 1/2 a day before heavy rain and then snow was to come and we had leaks in multiple places on the roof. I swept the loose debris and dirt off and then sprayed the 50' running crack with CanSeal roofing. The great thing is Canseal Instantly sets and is actually waterproof right away. It rained hard a few hours later and CanSeal held just fine!

post21The picture here is a roof that desperately needs restoring. The greenish panel is actually the skylight!

We have had a great year in metal roof restoration!

Metal roofs are a great roofing system. In fact metal roof sales have been increasing for the last 10 years, but why are they having problems and leaking?

Well, to answer that, we need to look at what the differences are between metal roofing and other roofing systems.

The following factors play into how a metal roof is viewed and, inevitably dealt with, by the building owner. Generally speaking, metal roofing…


Is more expensive than most other roofing solutions.


  • Requires special tools and specifically trained trades people to install.
  • Has less available crews to install and service metal roofs compared to other roofing solutions.
  • Lasts significantly longer than other roofing products.


post41Now commercial building owners and managers can save 30 to 50% off of their re-roofing costs. Many roofs can simply be Cleaned, prepared and coated! No more messy tear-off, No toxic smells or open flames for fire hazard. If you have a building that may be torn down or re-zoned but you still need 5 or 10 years. Now you can make your existing roof last for 5-10 or 15 years with Canseal Coatings!


post3Downtown Vancouver has many Heritage buildings, often with odd designs and resultant challenges to current roofing practices. This 7 story International Hotel had urgent roofing needs during one of their busiest summers for holiday cruise ship traffic.

How do you do a re-roofing project in the middle of your busy season and not cause disruption for your clients or staff?

The Hotel fronts onto a busy street with no option for equipment or product to be hauled in without a major impact to their front reception and Concierge desk. Vancouver Heritage buildings being built 70 or more years ago often don’t have cargo bays or freight elevators.

Nor did this Hotel have a budget to pay hugely expensive 30 Ton cranes to come in and block the streets while the roofing materials were hauled up and garbage hauled down. A project like that would take 3 full weeks and cause incredible disruption.

post31It’s 104% Cool!

Recently on a metal roof restoration project we tested the temperature differences between the old roof and the roof coated with “Cool Roof” by innovative Manufacturing. The highly reflective white coating reduced the temperature by 104%.

“It truly was cool to the touch”!

The flexible and highly reflective coating stops the rust, protects & renews the finish and reduces the heat and wear on the roof. It can be roll or spray applied.

Contact Keith Kinvig with CanSeal Protective Coatings for your local distributor or more information.

Phone: 604-209-3507 or


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