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Buildex: Trade show building cases for innovation

Sales manager Keith Kinvig shows off CanSeal Protective Coatings, a new, spray-on roofing material, at the Buildex Vancouver trade show Wednesday at the Convention Centre.

Imagine spraying on a roof, cleaning a room by just hosing it down or chasing away pests like pigeons and loitering teenagers with an ultrasonic device you can control from your computer or smartphone.
While all that may seem like some kind of a dream, it was all on display and available from distributors — along with much, much more — at the Buildex Vancouver trade show that’s being held Wednesday and Thursday at the Vancouver Convention Centre West.
The Canseal protective coating for flat or low-profile roofs was co-developed by Delta company Innovative Manufacturing.
It’s a water-based, non-toxic rubberized asphalt compound with what sales manager Keith Kinvig said is a “secret” ingredient that allows it to be evenly sprayed on a new surface or a cleaned, pre-existing roof.
It’s flexible enough to be stretched to 10 times its dimensions before shrinking back to its normal size. Canseal is also cheaper than a metal or torch-on roofing system and, because it’s a cool application, there’s no fire risk like with a hot-tar roofing system.
The product carries a warranty of 10 to 15 years depending on the application.
When it’s time for a new roof, said Kinvig, you can just spray on another 90 mils (or about one-eighth of an inch) more Canseal.
“It sticks to itself,” said Kinvig.
The product hasn’t been used that extensively — yet. It’s appearance at Buildex was its first trade show.


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